Marketing Automation is the next big thing to entice online marketers from all the nook and cranny of the biz world. Be it big corporate houses, small businesses, or even freelancers, the need to automate marketing activities has become an essential move for all. Although monotonous and time consuming, several repetitive actions like sending emails, social media posting, and  a host of website related tasks, are important to keep your business in the hunt of potential visitors. Marketing Automation, which refers to using sophisticated software to perform these actions, makes your business a hot cake. If done perfectly, it could generate considerable leads and engage customers beyond your imaginations. Yes, the power of this trendiest tool is spreading like fire ubiquitously and here are top 10 statistics to add weight to its credence.


  1. Around 71% Companies confide on Marketing Automation Software (MAS)

The number of companies inculcating faith in Marketing Automation (MA) has been growing at a rapid pace. While some use it occasionally, others don’t mind seeking its assistance to the maximum. On an encouraging note, around 71% companies have realized the importance of marketing automation for the growth of their business. The best thing – A thick of MA options are available for free to kick off your startup or to add up to your existing business.

  1. 75% Startups gained high ROI in the foremost fiscal year

The features and functionality of marketing automation systems, like email marketing and more, have perked up the brand identity of companies appreciably. This has in turn generated positive return of investment in the first year itself. To be precise, around 75 % users of MA solutions have experienced a high growth curve right in the first year of their business.

  1. The Top 4 Gainers of Marketing Automation

Companies exhibiting high concern for marketing automation have gained big in their niche. The ROI award winners for 2017 pose a perfect example for this fact; take this:

  • Bisco Industries generated 1283% ROI by implementing Act-On strategy
  • Amplify implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud generate 1079% ROI.
  • Using Zendesk helped Adroll to generate 812% of ROI
  • Ultimately, Hubspot Marketing enables Accrosoft to generate 884% ROI.

These winners have given a big hint to other businesses on the importance of marketing automation in building brand identity.

  1. Marketing Automation – A Time saving effort; say 74% respondents

While this new revolution in online marketing world simplifies the customer acquisition tasks, it is equally time efficient. In the Adestra survey conducted in 2017, 74% respondents have experienced time efficiency as the biggest plus of marketing automation. The time thus saved enables them to concentrate on their core tenets including strategy making, its implementation and beyond.

  1. Analytics and Reporting – The best MA features

Business analytics and reporting are among the most utilitarian features to entice the businesses, opine 52% of the surveyed marketers. Just to elaborate, MA reports can disclose it all about the emails you shoot to your leads. This includes the number of people who checked the mail, the number of bounced mails, or count of mail recipients who unsubscribed and more. More advanced features like sales funnel analysis, enable the marketers to get further insights about their prospective leads that could help them in customer acquisition.

These are only few stats to indicate the overwhelming acceptance of Marketing Automation among the small and big businesses scattered worldwide. However, the impact of this advancement is drilled deep down in the business circuits. Those adopting it whole and sole in their branding strategy gain more chances to generate above par ROI and improved customer engagement.

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