Salespeople can be a lot like beat cops – they’re not fond of the paperwork that’s required after a bust. Salespeople (like most of us) hate doing more than is absolutely necessary sometimes. So when it comes to operating a CRM efficiently in your workplace, it may take a two-stage approach: 1) Figure out what processes are absolutely necessary and 2) get your staff to use the CRM properly – or else! In our previous blog post, we touched base on The Problem with Most CRMs (hint – it’s the people, not the program.) Today, we’re asking the big question – is there such thing as a simple CRM?


Some Core Functionality Elements of a Simple CRM

The most common elements of a simple CRM include contact management, email integration, document storage, pipeline view… the list goes on. The art of the craft is stringing these features together without giving the customer’s brain an information overload. Some more prominent features include analytics and the ability to customize your experience. These standard features can increase revenue up to around 40%, according to sales teams.

Did you know that based on data collected in 2012-2013, almost 80% of marketing leads were never converting to sales?From that same data, it was determined that 68% of companies have not identified or attempted to measure their sales funnel Those are painful numbers. That’s the kind of stuff that makes salespeople pull their hair out and scream.


A Good CRM Does a Lot of the Thinking for You

The less work you have to do, the simpler things are. That’s why an ideal CRM will allow you to make customizations and remember those individual settings for a customized user experience. A simple CRM will have very few required fields, anyway, so making entries should be easy – especially when you’ve got limited information to work with in the first place.

A CRM takes what would otherwise be a complicated and far-less intuitive system and organizes it all under one roof, without pestering you every step of the way. You want something that will do the thinking for you – so you can divert that brainpower towards more productive endeavors.


The UI is Simplified

Putting everything in the same spot is one thing – organizing it neatly and simplistically is something else – and not all CRMs are capable of pulling it off. Less is more when it comes to keeping things simple. You want a CRM that has a non-cluttered UI that is easy-to-use and follows de facto design standards that will in turn increase adoption rates.

If there’s one thing we desire to be as simple as possible, it’s reporting. A simple and effective CRM is capable of making reporting easy to pull and easy to understand. Simple fields highlighting the important data. Reporting should be simple, consistent, accurate, efficient, concise and informative.


That face you make when you get a report that looks like an alpha-numeric explosion.


To Wrap Things Up…

Making something easy-to-use is actually very hard to do, and it requires not only an understanding of modern marketing techniques but a firm comprehension of the sales world, from the sales level.
Did you know that approximately 72% of CRM users say that they would trade functional complexity for a simple CRM that is easier to use?

We believe there is such thing as a simple CRM, and we’re dedicated to that concept. With decades of combined marketing and sales experience, we know that Intelligence Wins Deals, and we know what works. Time is money – don’t waste yours on a complicated program.

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