Pulsetracker will work with you on each step of the process. When you’re working on a big deal, it’s easy to lose track of things. Some of your sales team might get pulled into other projects or their schedules might not line up – but don’t worry! Our comprehensive deal tracking software will clue you in when you’ve scheduled appointments for calls, emails, visits, etc. Everything is synchronized with Google Calendar for streamlined, efficient management and deal tracking.

For every stage of the sales cycle, you’re going to know exactly where you are and what’s left to be done. You’ll know if something’s coming to a dead end and identify areas for improvement. If you’re not attempting to isolate the weak spots in your sales and marketing, you’re not going to figure out why you can’t close deals. You’ll get all of the valuable information you need to make informed decisions, such as the viewing habits and interests of your online traffic.

You can also use the information available to you to see how you’re doing as a member of the sales team – are you meeting your goals? Are some aspects of your sales techniques falling short? With this data, you can pinpoint areas that need improvement as well as areas that are proven to work.

Our sales team loves that they can monitor their progress and see where things went well and where they didn’t. If a deal falls apart, Pulsetracker can isolate those factors so you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

Deal tracking will take you through every stage of the sales cycle so you can accurately gauge the deal, from the pipeline all the way to the final sale. If you’ve been tracking your information with a spreadsheet, you can easily integrate that into our intuitive platform.


From the Frontline to Online, All in No Time

When we pitch a presentation to a potential client, we offer 3 options so they can decide what works best for their budget. From there, we wait for verbal approval.

Multiple salespeople can track and make updates to the same deal, with credit given where it’s due. Any information added to the deal can be effortlessly relayed to your team members. When you click on a deal, you get the big picture. Name of the company, the account representative/point of contact, what stage of the sales cycle it’s in, status of the deal (cold, warm, or hot), referral source (email marketing, trade show), and much more.

Your probability of success will increase as you reach each stage of the sales cycle. When you schedule your first appointment, the opportunity to close is relatively low; but as you move on, you’ll see that the percentages will continue to increase. You can see when the deal was created and when it’s expected to close. From there, you can add tasks and events that will be shared with your team and integrated into the calendar and task manager.

When looking at the ‘sales activities’ section, you can see comments like this:

Spoke to Jessica. Looks like everything is going well with the deal. Expecting to close in early 2018.

This is customer relationship management in action – keeping the team coordinated and never losing sight of the big picture – the customer. Once these activities are added to the deal, they’re fixed into the sales timeline and communicated with the appropriate members of your team. Here’s one of the great things about Pulsetracker – if you’ve got a boss that wants to know everything you’re doing all the time, you can easily keep them in the loop. Especially if you’re working on a big ticket transaction like a $50k deal, you want to make sure the whole team is on board and communicating. Any time an activity is noted, it will alert the team. Everyone stays on the same page.

Let’s say a customer calls the office and our coworker Matt answers the phone. Up until this point, he’s never been involved in this deal – so he looks them up, sees what stage the deal is in and catches up on the latest notes so he’s completely informed. Salespeople love this feature. Any time there’s a development in the deal, you’ll know about it.


Deal Tracking Customized to Fit Your Needs

When you go under the deal profile, you’ll get a more in-depth overview of the deal: name, the company associated, contact information, stage of the deal, referral source, the probability of closing, stage success, and more. If you’re at the appointment stage, it figures at about 20% probability. Once you’re at the proposal stage, that number jumps to 30%. At presentation, 40%. Followup, 50%. Negotiation gets you to 75%. You’ll reach 90% once you get verbal approval and 100% when your customer is signing on the dotted line. Keep in mind – all of this is highly customizable, so you can augment this to match your specific industry.

Pulsetracker’s intuitive platform allows you to create custom fields, where you can create whatever data input you’d like. You can add and delete these fields to ensure that your project’s scope is as accurate as possible.


No more pencils, no more books… A proper CRM will be your best friend throughout the entire sales process.

With any project or deal, there’s going to be paperwork. Keep it organized and all in one spot, right from within the dashboard. You can drag and drop any documentation (a quote, signed agreement, etc.) to upload them to the deal. We put all of your documentation in a neat digital file cabinet. Anyone in your organization can log in and find the files added. If a call comes in and someone asks for the quote they were sent but can’t locate it, anyone else can access that client and send it ASAP.

You can get a crystal-clear, live-time report of your deal’s progress – and that of your company as a whole. You’ll be able to map out your online traffic behavior to pinpoint leads and build profiles. Each starting conversation will be informed and tailored to the customer. Most importantly, it saves time. Your analytics and files are all in one spot. You don’t need a million tabs anymore. It’s deal tracking made easy, it’s convenient, and it’s proven to win deals. Take a tour to see the rest of Pulsetracker’s abilities – and make 2018 your most productive year yet.


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