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We’re all familiar with email marketing and have been on the receiving end of it (probably more times than you’d ever want). One probably can’t think of email marketing without also thinking of the ghoulish nightmare that plagues your inbox – spam. Proper email marketing should never have to deal with the stigma of spam – and when it’s done right, it works. It works quite nicely.

Spam happens for a number of reasons. Sometimes an agency gets sloppy and lets their list grow too large without properly maintaining it. Sometimes you just get so many, it’s easier to redirect those emails to the spam folder instead of meticulously clicking the harder-than-it-should-be ‘unsubscribe’ button. Either way, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Let’s talk about poor list management, for a second. A company or organization might start off with a solid, quality list of folks who might have a genuine interest in what they’re pitching. Over time, more email addresses are added. Some of the people on the list lose interest and are no longer the ideal audience. At that point, companies are just throwing mud at the wall to see when something will eventually stick. The shotgun approach does not work well when it comes to email marketing. Pulsetracker’s list management capabilities make it incredibly easy to maintain a strong and valuable list of individuals who may very well become leads.

Assuming your lists are well-cared for, your content is high-quality and you send your email at the proper time, you’re going to be on the right track. Email marketing has been around for a while, now. Let’s check out our top 10 reasons for why email marketing still works.

1) You Can Target Your Ideal Audience with Pinpoint Accuracy

You can offer the option to subscribe to your newsletter from your site. That way, anyone receiving your email is getting it for a reason. With Pulsetracker, you can track once somebody has clicked a link in your email. You’ll know what actions were taken on your website down to the very mouse-click. That way, you can eventually weed out non-desirable recipients that aren’t clicking!

2) Mobility

With digital access, you can get ’em on the go. There’s no waiting and wondering if it actually got to their mailbox. Not only that, you’ve laid down a digital paper trail. It’s organized, it’s efficient and it’s convenient.

3) Keep Your Clients Updated and Informed

Keep your email recipients up to speed on upcoming events, sales, new product announcements, etc. It’s a great way to help them keep a tab on things. Also, providing information just to be informational has plenty of benefits – you’re solidifying

4) People Check Their Email Every Day

American consumers typically look at their phone, on average, about 150 times a day. 39% check their email 1-3 times a day. So if you’re sending folks material they’ll be interested in, they’re most likely going to see it.

5) It’s Cost Effective

Again, whatever you’re putting out there isn’t going to get lost in the mail. It will reach its intended destination every time. But wait – it gets better! You really don’t even have to pay for email marketing, if your client base isn’t huge. We use MailChimp for our newsletters and we’re not paying a dime! You can’t argue with that kind of efficiency.

6) High ROI

In the same vein as #5, you get a huge return on your investment. Search Engine Journal stated back in 2014 that with email marketing, you can achieve an ROI of 4,300%! In 2014, a joint study found that roughly 85% of retailers in the United States considered email marketing to be one of their most effective marketing tactics.

7) It’s Not Obnoxious like a Telemarketing Call

Do we really even need to touch base on this one? It’s a total pain when you get a call from an unknown number and answer it, really hoping it’s not a junk call… and it is. With an email marketing campaign, your work is done. Your email is waiting in their inbox, waiting to be read at a time of their convenience. The ball is in their court. Boom. Your (initial) job is done.

8) Email Coupons Work!

Digital coupons influence shopping behavior. They’re convenient to locate and easy to plug in. It’s been working great for retailers, and the numbers support it. Sometimes, all you have to do is stick a coupon in an email, and it will get the clicks you’re looking for.

9) It’s Great in Tandem with Other Marketing Tactics

Pulsetracker is incredibly adept at gathering data. We can track opens and all website activity down to the mouse click. We can segments lists based on behavior, too, so you can customize and tweak your marketing campaigns to your heart’s desire.

10) It Lets You be Personal

Using names works exceptionally well on a psychological level. It catches your attention when an email pops into your inbox saying something along the lines of, “Hey [Your Name], How’s it Going?”

The human-to-human element is strong with email marketing. People tend to be more inclined to open an email if it’s from an account with a person’s name as opposed to the company’s.

email marketing

In Conclusion…

Email marketing ain’t dead, plain and simple. It works, you just have to analyze the proper data and apply your efforts appropriately. That’s why Pulsetracker’s slogan is “Intelligence Wins Deals.” With unlimited list management (something other companies will charge you for), analytics and lead tracking/profiling, there’s no way you can’t be successful.

Pulsetracker can do these things and much more – it can bolster your business and save you so much money in the long run. Check out our tour today!

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