Our software provides intelligence that helps sales and marketing professionals win more deals

Intelligence Wins Deals™

Pulsetracker provides sales and marketing intelligence that helps you win more deals.

Custom Deal Tracking

At the core of Pulsetracker is our custom deal tracking. Easily customize all of your deal stages, statuses, and sources so you can make our software fit to your needs – not the other way around. On the Sales Dashboard, you'll get a bird's eye view of all your deals and all the deals of any sales reps you manage. Get the complete view of your sales cycle, what stage each deal is in, and start racking up the wins!

Lead tracking

Once a lead is converted by submitting a form on your landing page or joining your email list you will have more insight into the way your prospect think. Monitor all engagement behavior and sales activities (visits, sources, clicks, email opens, phone calls, appointments, etc) through your entire sales cycle. By knowing who is engaging the most you can focus on the "low hanging fruit" by calling on them first. By knowing what your prospects are interested based on their behavior you can fine tune your sales pitch.

Visitor tracking

Did you know that roughly 98% of the visitors that hit your website don't fill out your lead forms? How would you like to know who the other 2% are? Pulsetracker reveals which companies are visiting your site even if they don't fill out a form. Convert those visitors to leads, track them on our Watch Lists, and make the "warm" calls you need to land more business. You can even be alerted via email every time a visitor returns, which means it is time to take action while interest is high.

Email Marketing integration

Unlike our more expensive competitors who demand you put everything under their "circus tent" and rebuild your website and email campaigns, Pulsetracker elegantly integrates with your existing Internet marketing investments such as WordPress, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Emma. Minimal onboarding disruption means enjoying Pulsetracker's benefits sooner while not incurring more design costs.

Digest Emails

Because you are busy, we don't expect you to login to Pulsetracker everyday. Don't worry, we've got you covered with our Digest Emails. Sent daily or weekly to your inbox, Digest Emails will give you an overview of how many leads, visitors, return visitors, and page views you had the day or week before. More importantly, it will give you a list of the organizations that hit your site giving you the opportunity to take sales action.

Pulsetracker has added value to our sales process by alerting us to prospects on our website that we would have otherwise never known about. The daily digest email is fantastic.

Barry Perelman Med Maps, LLC

Barry Perelman
When comparing website lead tracking products, none of them came close to Pulsetracker. Integration with our WordPress website and Constant Contact was a breeze. Now I have a 360 view of my Internet marketing efforts.

Kathy Spratt Carton Service, Inc.

Kathy Spratt
For my business-to-business clients, Pulsetracker is an invaluable tool that shows the effectiveness of my work and makes me look great. Pulsetracker takes lead generation and tracking to a whole new level.

Mary Gallant Gallant DesignWorks

Mary Gallant

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but only on an opt-in basis. When a prospect fills out a lead form or clicks to your website from an email campaign we will automatically associate that visitor's activity with their contact profile. This will give you an overall view of their engagement history with your online brand.
Ongoing enhancements and upgrades to the core software are included in your subscription. As we come out with new modules (Call Tracker™, for example) you will have the option to add them at an additional cost. See the pricing page for more information.
Feel free to contact us via phone or open a support ticket. We would love to help you!
Very safe. We host our entire infrastructure with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The application currently runs on two large servers (or EC2 instances as they are known) behind a load balancer that distributes traffic evenly and will route all traffic to the healthy instance in case one of them crashes. The database is on a third server using AWS's RDS service and is backed up nightly. Finally, the database server is deployed using RDS Multi-AZ failover service where, if the database crashes for whatever reason, a hot spare is ready to go in a separate region.Since your data is only as safe as your password, we have implemented password strength requirements when any password is created or changed.Finally, all traffic to and from the application is encrypted using the same technology your bank uses for online banking.
Unlike our competitors, we do not limit the number of contacts and leads you can store in our database.
Yes. All subscriptions require a one-year contract and can be paid monthly or annually.

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